Website and Server Hosting Data Centres

A Data Centre is, by definition, a facility used to house computer systems and associated components. As a web hosting business, MS IT Solutions utilises a number of Data Centres around South Africa and in Germany which house shared and dedicated servers used to host your website(s) as well as the various components which ensure these servers run smoothly.

We offer affordable web hosting solutions:
  • Website & Email Hosting & any other doamins
  • Managed Dedicated Hosting
  • TruServ Dedicated Hosting (Windows Remote Desktop Servers)
  • Rackspace Rental & Hosting
MS IT Solutions Network Connections

MS IT Solutions provides a resilient and redundant network infrastructure which allows for maximum uptime. Our substantial bandwidth capacity allows us to accommodate spikes in traffic, reducing the chance of customers experiencing network degradation.

Our routers are connected via fibre optic cables to our upstream provider, MTN Business, from where we have uncapped access to their local and international network. Our Data Centres are connected to MTN Business via a 1GBit uplink. A second, redundant fibre optic cable follows a different path.

Data Centre Components

Climate Control
The heat output of servers is considerable, and without environmental control, servers will fail or have their lifetime reduced considerably. To compensate for the heat output of MS IT servers, all Data Centres are fitted with Air Conditioning systems designed to provide maximum cooling for the server environment. The Air Conditioners were installed and are maintained by experts, ensuring maximum efficiency.

The Remote Technology (RT) systems provide an early warning of air conditioner failure or other unusual environmental conditions. Should a fault or failure be detected, all our Data Centres are equipped with redundant Air Conditioner capacity.

Biometric/Magnetic Access
Only the MS IT Staff have access to the Data Centres and are accompanied by the Data Centre technicians throughout any site visit.

To access the Johannesburg Data Centres, employees need to pass through the building's security check points as well as Biometric Access control before reaching the actual Data Centre's keypad access system. A unique combination is entered into the keypad which will then disengage the magnetic hold on the doors.

24/7 Monitoring of premises
All South African Data Centres are monitored by CCTV cameras. In addition each building premises is patrolled by 24/7 on-site security guards.

UPS and Generators
A redundant Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is installed in each Data Centre to ensure clean power is delivered to our network and to instantly protect servers from any power interruptions. A diesel power generator takes over in the case of an outage. All MS IT Solutions UPS's have up to two hours of battery backup.

Fire Protection
Our Data Centres are fitted with fire detection and fire suppression systems. When there is confirmation of a fire, the Suppression system releases an Argon-Nitrogen mixture which decreases the oxygen level to below the point at which combustion can take place.

Technicians and Support
All critical systems (UPS, air conditioning, temperature ranges, managed servers etc.) are monitored 24/7/365 with notification via email and SMS to more than one of the Data Centre support staff members. All servers in our Data Centres are installed and monitored by qualified technicians, minimising the risk of error or failure.

Network Framework

MS IT Solutions infrastructure makes use of 2 Juniper routers (master and backup) on the edge of our networks with full redundant fibre uplinks into our upstream provider’s core network. Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) technology is used to manage this routing connection between MS IT Solutions and its upstream providers. MS IT Solutions’ master router will always route traffic in and out of our network. Should there be a failure of the master router, traffic will automatically start routing over the backup router with no interruption in service.

Our core network in Johannesburg consists of four PowerConnect switches, two switches in each Data Centre. These are setup in a stack configuration. Stacking is a where multiple switches are linked together acting as a single switch for redundancy. A Virtual Chassis is another method whereby multiple switches are linked together to act as a single switch. These Virtual Chassis switches are setup in a ring topology with 10GbE fibre links to improve redundancy.

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